Your Body Is 100% Your Perfection.

I bought this stone of Shiva and his beloved Shatki while on my first trip to India this year.   

It sang to me and would not let me go … like it belonged with me.

On the way home the two stone vision of devotion and love broke in many, many places.

Upon tenderly gluing the pieces back on with tears steaming.  I realised the broken pieces made it more mine and therefore in all its cracks and imperfections perfect.

I reflected upon the day I made this same choose of love and kindness upon my body as I gazed into the mirror at the rag dolly Anna scars trailing down my abdomen and my fake boobies … these cracks had adventures to tell … each one etched into my skin, organs and bones.

And no it may not be the “image” of perfection society pressure and fashion dictates it to be but that actually made it more perfect, more beautiful.


Because trying to fit into another’s idea of beauty, of love, of perfect is uncomfortable… it is ugly to try to be something we are not.  Ugly because it holds no self love, acceptance or kindness, no grace, no elegance but a slap in the face “trying much too hard not to be you” 

Because these cracks and blemishes make our bodies, our relationships, the things we love unique to us … not part of a should or a should not.

But totally your expression of love and beauty.  Your experience.

And that is most certainly.

100% your perfection ♥️


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