You Matter.

One aspect of Body love is truly, deeply, madly understanding that You Matter.

We come into this world innocent and full of life.

Then to varying degrees though conditioning or trauma we lose our natural, spontaneous expression of peace, love and joy.

We get knocked down or our life force and creativity becomes suppressed. We are repeatedly  told that our feelings, needs and desires do NOT Matter.

This means, at times, we experience fear, pain, anxiety, loneliness, self- doubt, self-criticism or overwhelm. And then the double whamming is we often go on to believe that those feelings also don’t matter. That it’s “normal” to feel depressed, lacking in joy, confused and stress in modern society – it’s just the way it is!

We taught to over-ride the messages of our body and true feelings. We say “Everything is FINE” and put on a brave face.
However, in truth for each and every one of us our health & happiness matters.

Your body matters, your emotions matter, your truth matters.

The journey towards Body Love is to learn to prioritise oneself and listen to what is actually real for you.

With practise and self-compassion I am learning to welcome and embrace all of my emotions and experiences, even the ones that feel negative. Rather than pushing uncomfortable feelings away I am now able accept and value them as gifts, they give me information about what is right for me.

As I do this I notice it is much easier to navigate and flow with life. I am experiencing an increasing lightness and grace.

Your life matters and because you are matter (physical form) your body matters.

It is a great teacher and as such I believe we do well to respect it and treat it gently.

Body Love is a journey of softness and surrender, an adventure taking us towards an unconditional relationship of devotion with our own bodies.

Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you,

Hugs Helen ❤️

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