The Journey Home.

What if the search for love and belonging could end here? 

What if “feeling” was a more desirable choice we made for self, than “numb”?

What if shame released its shackles and made space for intimacy?

What if we could truly call our body, home?


The Journey Home is an exploration of “re-turning” from the distractions of the external world, releasing our habitual patterns that keep us from the felt sense of creative aliveness that resides in flesh and bone.

We tenderly listen to our resistance to move, to breath deep.  Notice our learnt impulses to run from and soften our way into a rich internal relationship with our bodies as our safe container in the world.  A grounded un~ shakeable trust, that supports us to move and playfully express ourselves in the world, with agency and self assurance.

This unique inquiry is offered in six developmental phases, with essential time in between to fully embody the shifts each phase awakens within us and form deepening bonds of self trust as we experience our ability to self soothe and resource.


Together we explore~

Phase 1 ~ Ground, Gravity, Breath.

Phase 2 ~ Our body as our home.

Phase 3 ~ Roots.

Phase 4 ~ Intimacy with Self.

Phase 5 ~ Boundaries and edges.

Phase 6 ~ Relationships within and with the world.

The group will be kept intimate and small to ensure all feel welcome. We wish to offer a compassionate and confidential environment in which everyone is met, heard and held.

To belong is a human desire, which grows in intensity,

the further we move away from being in relationship with our body.


This is for you if:

You have a body!

You feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

You feel no connection to your body.

You lack a sense of feeling safe and belonging in the world.

You measure your worthiness in the world on your looks, age, gender or size.

You are in a self sabotage loop.

You desire a relationship of love and intimacy with another and yet hold yourself back.

You feel unfulfilled and disconnected with life and others.

You have lost all sense of self and creative passion for life.


What we will achieve together:

An ability to deeply love and care for your body no matter what it looks like.

A sense of feeling grounded.  Embodied.

An ability to listen to your needs and meet them.  To self parent.

To move in your skin and bones like you actually live there!  In joy and because you own your home!

A loving, intimate connection with self so you may show up in the world just as you are… shameless, full and free!


Date and Venue.

18th of September. 1030~ 530.

The loft.


Your investment:

£120 per day

Or pay for full journey home at the inclusive cost of £695


How To Book:

Please contact Michelle to book your place and pay by BACS.