Praise For Body Love.



Hello Michelle
I have only managed to make time for a relatively small participation in the course but I am sure that small participation has been part of a wonderful period of recovery and growth in a therapeutic journey lasting 10 years
I appreciate being held and guided through, on the surface, very simple, every day actions
Yet, to know the power of them (and realise my previous resistance to them was connected to that power)
The power to stop time and empower my own innate ability to love and heal
It’s a gift that keeps returning
Like, I imagine I’m in a hurry to get to my to do list, I shower, and then decide to spend an extra few minutes paying attention to my skin, or saying ‘thank you’ to my feet
Knowing my body can tell a different story to the one it was conditioned to tell
It is gold, real gold.
With love and thanks


Dear Michelle,
I would just like to thank you for the wonderful material you posted.  It has been perfect for me at the moment and I am still really benefiting from the moves you showed us- a couple in particular I use every day.  Thank you again,
 Virginia x
To learn any of the self care practices even if taken on for 5 minutes a day, has been a very worthy course.
I found it interesting as you said around having children, but showing them we can all have our own space and self time. I think this is really empowering for women, as we often hear practitioners and clients say they don’t have time or say ‘I understand you don’t have much time’ but here you were empowering women to take the time and that also stuck in my mind.