Phoebe’s Body Story.

On the 9th of July 2011 five ladies posed most tastefully naked in my garden to support my passion in awakening men & women to their own body awareness.

Each lady was interviewed directly after having their photos taken, so what you read now is a fresh account of how they found the experience.

“Well, ever since I went to secondary school, everyone has become more aware of their body.

The kids I have been hanging around with started to put labels on things giving body parts horrible names & just saying what’s right & wrong & if you are not like that you’re a freak.

So blonde hair, big boobs, small nipples, no pubes & a perfect ass was a good looking girl.

I have always been told by my mother, that I’m a good looking girl but I never believed her because of what everyone else was saying, like people in my peer group.

Other influences such as porn & page 3 girls in The Sun, give boys the impression that’s how girls should be. That has always annoyed me.

I have always hated my boobs & down below area because of the colour of my skin.

I just could never see anyone finding me attractive.  But as I have gotten older I have met people who have made me feel good & who have boosted my confidence, so I’m more comfortable in my own skin now & I make others more comfortable in theirs.”


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