Pamper Day For The Soul.

A Delicious Day Of Body & Soul Tapas To Restore And Inspire You.
18th of September 2021.


10.30 ~ 18.00

Imagine a day designed just to love your body, pamper your soul and re-ignite the flames of your creative spark.

A day to deeply listen to your body’s needs and desires.

A day to empower you to hear and follow the beat of your heart’s song.

A day to integrate your dreams into movement and your body, so that your actions come from a fresh space of be~ing and clarity.

Four women are weaving their magic together to create a Pamper Day Especially For Your Body.



Itinerary For Your Body & Soul Pamper Day~


Intimacy With Self.


I deeply believe that the relationship with our body needs to be as loving as our relationship to those around us.  This supports our belonging in not only our own skin and bones but the world around us.

I will be inviting you to explore your gently explore resistance to belonging in your body and offering simplistic tools to embrace the daily and unconditional relationship of body love.

Embodying the Elements
I would like to share a therapeutic session with you all that is about exploring your body as a field of pleasure and resource and working with embodying the elements as a bigger container and support within which to reconnect & reclaim your body and regulate the nervous system. The session will take the form of spacious, safe, trauma informed embodied guidance through movement, contemplation, breath, the imaginal and creative process
Mexican Traditional Cacao Ceremony

“Cacao Medicine is a rich and sensuous open heart experience readily to be explored” – Marcela Enriquez

I would like to offer you an experience of a Mexican Traditional Cacao Ceremony, guided by the spirit of Ix Cacau, one of the most ancient Mayan forces of love and pleasure, harvest and abundance.

This closing ceremony will be a catalyst to incorporate the content of the day from our sacred sharing circle as we journey into the heart of Mother Earth, known as Itlally Iyolo, listening to drums and an ancient Mayan story of the beginning of the World, a story of connection, transformation and of belonging to ourselves.

We are all made of the Earth, she is our mother, and through the plant medicine of cacao we have the opportunity to listen and dance with her beating heart in unison, this is the gift from cacao to humans.



Cost & How to pay:

Early Bird until the 18th of August £85

Thereafter £95.


(Please note that Eventbrite do charge a booking fee.)


The Loft.

40-42 Upper Gardner St, Brighton BN1 4AN

We look forward to sharing with you