Online Body Love Retreat

The Online Body Love Retreat

For all those that have a body!

Join Michelle on a 10 day exploration of your relationship with your body with a promise that this shared adventure will bring a different quality of how you feel in your own skin and bones.


What is Body Love?

Body love is our own intimate relationship with self, that is internal, not dependent upon age, size, culture, gender … and out flows to the world around us.
Like how a Flower naturally owns and shares its fragrance in the world, this is how you to may feel … accepting all your perfections and imperfections with kindness.



Body love enables us to show up in the world in all that we are, with no shame and therefore our relationship with life and others are deeply enriched, connected and shamelessly intimate


After years of exploring my way back to bones, to flesh  and not just knowing but feeling I belonged here in this breath, in this body,

I understand where that un-ease of not being safe or belonging comes from.

I want to gently hold your hand and share those stepping stones … back to you.”



This is for you if:

You have a body!

You feel uncomfortable in your own skin and feel this means you HAVE to change something about how you look.

You feel no connection to your body.

You lack a sense of feeling safe and belonging in the world.

You measure your worthiness in the world on your looks, age, gender or size.

You desire a relationship of love and intimacy with another and yet hold yourself back.

You feel unfulfilled and disconnected with life and others.

You have lost all sense of self and vo voom for life.


What we will achieve together:

An ability to deeply love and care for your body no matter what it looks like.

A sense of feeling grounded.  Embodied.

An ability to listen to your needs and meet them.  To self parent.

To move in your skin and bones like you actually live there!  In joy and because you own your home!

A loving, intimate connection with self so you may show up in the world just as you are… shameless, full and free!


How it works:

From Monday the 18th of May at 11am you will join me in exploring simple steps that you can take each day, easily absorbing the subtle changes and integrating each step so this is not some technique you do but the way you meet yourself each day and live.

To build a sense of community and support during this exploration, a group hub will be available.

Replays to watch in your own time, will be available during and 6 weeks after the retreat finishes.

Q&A sessions will be offered.

Your investment ONLY  £55


Buy your ticket.



Any questions please feel most welcome to ask. 

So excited to be sharing your adventure of Body Love with you.





Want to deepen your experience of your body love adventure?

Then why not combine this 10 day retreat alongside a deep healing journey into the root chakra with chakra dance.

“Listen” says your body, “I have important things to tell you.”


Over 10 days Jess will be guiding you through this course that will help you tune into your body’s instinctual wisdom, connect you with your power animal and introduce you to the mantra and mantra-dance for the base chakra.
It also includes guided visualisations, dancing meditations, as well as practical exercises and information ~ all set to incredible new resonant music and all which you get to keep.
By using these tools to recharge your base chakra, you can completely transform your health, your life.
The course includes a private discussion group on Facebook.
Investment is £30.
To join Jess  please contact her via email.


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