Body Love & Intimacy Retreat.

Choose To Fall In Love With Your Body & Allow Intimacy Into Your Life!

4th & 5th of May 2019. 

Hosted by Michelle Roberton & Hanna Angell.

Body love & Intimacy, walk hand in hand.  We cannot truly know intimacy without entering the depths of love.

We have been taught that both of these experiences are given to us.

This is not so and keeps us on an external and dis-empowering search for intimacy and love to be given from “other.”

The more we have Body Love, the more our masks of what we believe to be unlovable, dissolves away, and the more we allow life and others to truly touch, see and know us.



This weekend workshop is set in the serenity of The Yoga Gardens.

It has been created through love and lived experience, to bring to you and your body limitless time, space and support to re~invent and re~ form  your personal relationship with your body, so intimacy may be experienced as an enriching part of your life.

Body Love tools are about developing a consistent and unconditional connection with your body as a beautiful living relationship, regardless of yours or other’s ideas of body image and perfection, age, weight, height, culture, scars, cellulite, body trauma, body dissociation and so forth.

These tools enable us to form a relationship with our body, that is no different to all our relationships that we feed with time, dedication, devotion and love.

We are not taught self-love in this society, we therefore often have to take ourselves through a process of self-learning to allow ourselves to love our bodies fully-in all our flaws and beauty.

Through gifting ourselves with body love, our bodies flower and open without masks and intimacy is experienced with our self, our loved ones and the world around us.

Body Love retreats are a gift of love to you and your body, that will change how you feel in your own skin and in your life!



The weekend will include:

  Gentle movement, supporting you to breathe into and feel the subtle sensations alive in your body.

 An exploration of your body story and personal resistance to loving your body and allowing this deeply personal relationship into your life. 

Support in releasing pain, grief, shame and BS beliefs of body perfection.

We will work together through how you are feeling in your own body and provide space for you to learn how to deeply listen to your body’s needs.

Witnessing with kindness the masks you may wear and the barriers that no longer protect you but keep you and your relationships small.

We will develop a “mini body love & intimacy tool kit” for you to apply to your life as an essential daily dose of self love and devotion.  

 Full permission for you to come home to your own skin, bones and all of life’s simple Pleasures!

Cost & Payment Plan.

The total Body Love Weekend is £195

This includes :

Body Love and intimacy workshops and gentle body movement.

Vegetarian/vegan lunch and refreshments each day.

Places are limited to 12 people to keep the size of the group intimate.

This will be a non gender defined group, dissolving the resistance to and boundaries of gender.

for no matter what label we fall under we all have a body and all desire to be seen, known, loved …. intimately 

£195 plus small fee from Eventbrite.


The Location & Accommodation.

The Yoga Garden
Swallows Lane
Dial Post
West Sussex RH13 8NN

The Yoga Gardens feels like a breath of fresh air and describes itself as one of Sussex’s best kept secrets.

It is set surrounded by nature that is so alive and clearly cared for.

The yurt itself so warm all year round … a little bubble of tranquility.

There is the option to camp within the grounds or plenty of  local B&B and AirBnB options.


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