Live Life As YOU.


The words speak for themselves really.

I know it’s not that easy a journey, no one ever said it would be easy.

There are so many ideals of society, parents, education, religion, all there ready and waiting to impress upon us before we are even born. So many shoulds and shouldn’ts, do’s and don’ts, that drive away any “knowing” of self from a very early age.

The first message we are given is often, that to be simply who you are born as, is not enough.

We are given little space and time to express, to explore, to be loud. But much time to be suppressed and structured …We are told “things” need to be added, achieved to enable you to “fit” in this world.

But there comes a time when we let go of all this, live in this world but not of it… We are left with a “blank canvas”, stripped naked to choose what we believe as truth, to love unconditionally, to laugh and play unconditionally. To …

Live life as YOU

Now along my journey I have seen that to embrace our spirit is not so hard. Yes, to sink into meditation takes its time, for the mind is used to being in control but in time we relax into embracing the limitless mind, let go off “small spaces” and expand.

But the body… Hmm, this one proves a little more difficult.

Yet, it is what makes us whole, it is the vehicle of YOU, through which you share yourself in the world. Therefore how you feel about your body, can stand between who you are within and how that is projected, received and expressed into the world.

The body is not something separate to you, it is the home of your soul.

Enlightenment cannot happen until mind, body and spirit are one. It happens within the body… It is not a denial or an escape of the body to some “higher plane.”

Through my words I wish to support YOU to feel safe in expressing your spirit, to inspire you to expand your mind beyond limited beliefs and last but certainly not least, to nurture you into love.

Love of you and your body so you may live life as YOU… whole.

On the 9th of July 2011, I held a day at my home in which ladies could come to share their body story and have tasteful, naked photographs taken.


After having the courage to have photos taken of myself back in April and the body healing that bought me, I wanted to offer that opportunity in a safe space in which to assist body acceptance, seeing the beauty of oneself and celebration… and in sharing the day’s events to bring awareness and healing to others.

To say how I feel about the experience shared that day has been proving a little difficult, for every word seems so “small” in comparison. I’ve sat through this now for over 48 hours & no matter how I try to express what happened when asked and on paper, my words fail me, fail to do the women who attended justice.

Yet to share was the intention and I feel that is the nail on the head really. The word “intention”…

My intention for the day was to bring empowerment, body acceptance and a celebration not only of body but of courage and beauty… forgetting that the key word of the day was “body awareness” and that is what happened.

Each beautiful individual travelled an intense journey in mere hours of actually looking at, being aware of, feeling how comfortable it is to be in their own skin. For some this highlighted how separate they saw themselves from their body, others liberation, others harsh clarity of their own self abuse and hatred.

I “held” the space but at the end of the day, as night fell around me, I have to be honest and say I cried…

Firstly I feel I was in shock at the healing that occurred, how much power can be held when we come together allowing lives to be transformed in moments…

I cried at being part of the evidence of the “domino” effect we as mothers have on our daughters and their bodies, fathers and their sons.

How we feel about our body affects all our relationships, friends, lovers, how we let ourselves be loved in this world.

The body and how we see and feel about ourselves can create a huge barrier to love…

I cried tears, for it was hard to listen to women who I saw through the eyes of love and beauty to speak so cruelly of themselves, to share the damage and self destruction.

The list of what this day highlighted were endless, as were the healing tears that night…

The catalyst effect I was “shown” would be huge for those who attended, my own life and those who we shared our body stories with.

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