Is Sexy An Image Or An Attitude?

Now once upon a time, my instant answer to the question, “Is sexy an image or an attitude?” ~ would have been image.

I remember how hard it was for me to move into and accept my own body.  There was always so much to compare it to.  My limited view in the world of glossy magazines and TV celebs formed a belief at a young tender age that sexy was what I saw advertised and 100% not what I saw in the mirror.

Yet, when I look at these images now, they seem so empty, so hollow.

They are images of an ideal of perfection created by current trend or fashion… all of a certain age, size, posing in a certain provocative style with or without a pout. A sexiness cleverly suggested to us but I look and ask…

Is that image really what sexy is about?

Lately, out of curiosity, I have been watching women. All shapes, sizes and ages, just so I could get my words around what sexy is and I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing more sexy than a woman who fills her body like a fine, rich wine.

She moves, breathes and lives in her body with such ease, leaving a scent of beauty and grace behind her.  She knows herself intimately, comfortable with every curve, every blemish, every wrinkle, frown or smile.

She loves her body; you can see that, she plays it as her most sacred instrument, filling it fully with her presence.

The sparkle in her eyes is alive, self assured, playful.

She does not punish her body

She does not wish it was more or less, she loves it as her life long companion. For it is.

She is not seeking or waiting for attention or validation, yet her air holds an innocence. Yes, her sexy is not a show for others, but a gift to herself.

She is mysterious, alluring.

She captivates her audience. She hides nothing but reveals nothing at the same time. She is an eternal secret.

She has tasted the nourishing waters of her own sensuality, sexuality; she has danced with her soul… Her body open, warm, inviting.

It is not her shape, her size, her age.

She has moved beyond all these, escaped them and found her true sexy.

No, its not how we look, or how we dress…

It’s how we live, love and move in our own body, how natural and at ease we are with our womanhood, our essence, our sensuality and sexuality



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