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Michelle Roberton ~

Founder of Body Love Retreats.  Tantric Therapist Specialising in Sexual Trauma & Intimacy.

My Life has been my learning.   At the tender age of 46 and what appears many lifetimes later, I am not sure there is any life situation I cannot empathise with.

Life has taught me well with its tapestry of colours…

From a childhood of sexual abuse, anorexia, to drugs, to homelessness, to the loss of a son, from life threatening illness to near a death experience, from marriage to single parent hood, to the loss of both breasts.

But I sit here, writing to you hand on my heart, knowing I would not change a nano second of this life.

All these experiences have woven together, to enable me to share from an authentic place of “knowing how that tastes,”  and to offer an invitation to see beyond what may feel at times desperately hopeless and broken.

To be able to connect and “meet” the other, neck deep in their hell and offer a kind, knowing hand to show even the smallest glimpse of light …

Of another way.

This life has made me the woman I am today and enabled me to share and hold, from a place of raw and real bones.

From passion and soul.

Michelle Roberton is a mother of four superstars and a dedicated lover of all things delicious in life and chocolatey.  Her passion stems from her own journey of discovering the medicine in the poison as she set it upon herself to reclaim her body, her breath, her sexuality and sensuality and express that in new, life enriching ways.

Michelle has been a body worker and Tantric Therapist for 16 years.

She very much believes that our mind can only take us so far into any release of body trauma and healing of our sexuality. The discovery of who we authentically are is not hidden in our thoughts but in the sensuality and home of our body.

Her touch  has been described by many as her gift to others.

Her gentle, calming approach a comforting breath of fresh air.


michelle roberton sexual trauma therapist, body love activist


Jana Marie ~ Yoga & Holistic Living.

Jana’’s interest in holistic living began many years ago. Having gone through some traumatic experiences in her live, she has turned to yoga, meditation and holistic therapies for self-healing. It truly transformed her life and, realizing how life-changing holistic living can be she wanted to share it.

This led her onto her own yoga teacher’s journey. In 2010 she has completed introduction to Relax Kids followed by Yoga Bananas Teacher training. Inspired by these courses, storytelling and her arts and crafts knowledge, Jana has become a creator and owner at My Choga – A creative yoga fun for children.

To further her knowledge, Jana travelled to India 2 years later where she had studied many styles of yoga and meditation with some of the best Masters gaining her 200hr Yoga and Meditation Teacher Qualification. Whilst in India, Jana has also received her Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 attunements and became a Reiki practitioner herself.

Since her return from India, Jana has been running mindfulness workshops, empowering women’s groups, intuitive art workshops, and teaching various styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Cardio Yoga, and Pregnancy Yoga, both in classes as well as 1-to-1 private sessions. She also continues to study with international yoga masters including Rod Stryker and Bernie Clark.

In the last 5 years Jana has trained in other Holistic therapies, such as Sound Healing, Inner Dance, Access Bars, Kinetic Shift and most recently Awakened Belly dance; she tailors the treatments to suit the individual needs of each client to ensure they experience the best physical and emotional therapeutic benefits. The list of therapies Jana offers is always expanding as she is constantly updating her skills and seeking new ways to enhance what she offers.

Jana is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to step into their full potential, encouraging you to embrace and celebrate all the facts of the beautiful mosaic you are. She truly believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and is devoted to helping others to find this truth for themselves.

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