Body Love Retreats defines Body Love as an unconditional relationship of devotion, that we have with our own bodies.

For me the essence of that devotion is a feeling. A strong embodied sense that “I am MORE than
good enough exactly as I am. For I am a pure expression of the divine in physical from”.

Devotion is a beautiful word as it contains within it the concepts of love, loyalty and enthusiasm alongside an element of worship or observance.

Body Love is a practice, an adventure of falling back in love with ourselves. It’s something that we immerse ourselves in, learning to worship the temple of our body – solely for the benefit of ourselves.

This is not about how we look, getting the right body shape that society values, this is an opportunity to increase deep acceptance and value of our whole being.

Through years of meditation, focusing on how to accept what is with compassion, combined with training in and teaching dance and conscious touch, I have developed a strong inner belief in my self- worth and a love for my body; including the wonky bits, the flabby bits and the hairy bits!

For me it’s ALWAYS about how I feel inside NOT what I look like on the outside.

Two years ago when I experimented with diet as part of my self-care programme, cutting out carbs, sugars, meat, diary and alcohol I lost over a stone in weight. I was really quite shocked by the number of comments I had about how great I looked. I remember feeling quite confused as I thought I looked GREAT before!

For a moment I doubted myself “Had I been wrong to love and accept my body as it was before I lost the weight?” “What did is mean going forward, if I gained weight would I no longer be good enough?” Once again, I had to re-align and re-centre myself and ask myself how do I feel and what do I want?

I came back to the answer I want an unconditional, devotional relationship with my body. Not based on others views, opinions, values and expectations but informed by how I feel.

I wish to treat my body with gentleness, respect and HUGE appreciation for all it enables me to do and be in the world.

I hope you can feel the same about your body – give it love!

With a loving hug. Helen x 

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