Chloe’s Body Story.

On the 9th of July 2011 five ladies posed most tastefully naked in my garden to support my passion in awakening men & women to their own body awareness.

Each lady was interviewed directly after having their photos taken, so what you read now is a fresh account of how they found the experience.

“I believe that your opinion changes gradually about yourself as you get older.       

For me, becoming more and more negative.

When I was younger, around the age of 6, I didn’t care at all what I looked like, but it was as soon as I hit puberty that I began to worry about my appearance.

Trying to make myself feel beautiful has been one of my hardest challenges throughout my teenage life.

Now, at 17 I’m only just starting to feel more confident with the way I look. What’s hardest is the fact that my lack of confidence really affects the relationships I have, especially my relationship with my boyfriend. My low self-esteem causes me to lash out at him when he finds someone else attractive because I get very easily jealous of their looks, which is ridiculous because if he really didn’t find me attractive, we wouldn’t be together!

I believe that teenagers confidence issues, including mine, has the porn industry to blame, due to the surgery and photo-shopping that comes with it. Girls and boys now believe that in order for women to look beautiful they should have big boobs, hairless vaginas and bleach blonde hair. I disagree with this look as I think boobs that stay in the same place like rocks, look ridiculous and fake tan disgusts me. Although I disagree with this look, I still envy it.. how strange?

I think it’s because I wish to be desired by men, and what men now desire is barbie look a-likes.

I feel for every teenage girl out there who are fighting this same battle, it’s tedious and long, but I’m thinking positively and slowly I’m getting over the fact I don’t have huge nunga-nunga’s and a barbie-like face, which thankfully is helping my relationships.”

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