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Body Image ~ Body Love.

You may or may not totally agree, but I would argue that we live in a fast-paced, over-sexualised, youth centric, visually stimulated, technologically focused world. In general, this style of living is not good for our health and, in particular, it can impact negatively on our relationship with our bodies. We are constantly being subjected […]

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Body Devotion ~ I am more than enough ~ Helen Thatcher


Body Love Retreats defines Body Love as an unconditional relationship of devotion, that we have with our own bodies. For me the essence of that devotion is a feeling. A strong embodied sense that “I am MORE than good enough exactly as I am. For I am a pure expression of the divine in physical […]

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You Matter ~ art with permission from sacred breasts

You Matter.

One aspect of Body love is truly, deeply, madly understanding that You Matter. We come into this world innocent and full of life. Then to varying degrees though conditioning or trauma we lose our natural, spontaneous expression of peace, love and joy. We get knocked down or our life force and creativity becomes suppressed. We […]

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