Body Image ~ Body Love.

You may or may not totally agree, but I would argue that we live in a fast-paced, over-sexualised,
youth centric, visually stimulated, technologically focused world.

In general, this style of living is not good for our health and, in particular, it can impact negatively on
our relationship with our bodies.

We are constantly being subjected to photo-shopped advertisements of slim and (culturally defined)
attractive people.

Our children spend hours preparing for and producing the “perfect” selfies using apps and filters to alter their appearance.

We are judged and valued by our dress size or six pack rather than the person wrapped up inside the package.

These external standards of what it is to have acceptable looks and beauty is playing havoc with our self-perception, and especially our body image. Many of us are all too familiar with the critical voice that arises when we look in the mirror;

My nose is too big/small
My breasts are too small/flat/pointy/different shapes
My face is ugly
My legs are too short/long
My hair is too dry/greasy/straight/curly

And the list goes on…

This is body image; perceiving our body as an object and viewing it, often sternly, from the outside.

Body Love is a completely different experience.

Body love is to compassionately spend time becoming aware of the feelings, sensations and internal movements and messages of your body.
Getting to know, appreciate and value yourself from the inside out.

Our body can be our closest ally.  It is with us, through thick and thin, until the day we die, and I don’t know if you have noticed but the body talks.

Once we begin to generate a curious attitude of listening to our body we can align to the messages, needs and desires it communicates to us

  • I am hot/cold
  • I am hungry/thirsty
  • My back hurts. I will rest
  • I feel uneasy in this situation. I need to leave
  • I love this kind of touch. I will ask for more
  • The list is endless..

Body Love is an unconditional relationship of devotion, that we have with our own bodies.

It’s a practice…why not start today?



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