Believe me when I say we know it is not an easy quest to allow deep, unconditional love for our own body.

Beyond battling with our own inner body bully, we have external pressure of appeasing to societies ideas of body image and perfection.


And this is a huge but.

It is possible to feel love for your body with self  dedication, that you want more than this for yourself.

And with consistent kindness and support from fellow women.

This is the sole purpose of our body love adventures.

We wish to inspire you to create a fresh, loving start in the place you have lived in all your life.

Noticing the softness of your edges and curves ~ and where those edges meet the world.

Intimately knowing the breath that breathes you.

Allowing trust to form in the sensations and feelings of your body. 

Witnessing and attending to your wounds, needs, wants, dreams and desires with the love that you attend to those of others.

  No, it does not take complicated answers, just courage and heart.

But I believe you already have that for that is what brought you here.

All my love to you.


Can there truly be a body love diet?  A diet that's core message is Body Love?                I am here to tell you, yes there is!

The Body Love Diet.

Can there truly be a body love diet?  A diet that’s core message is Body Love?                I am here to tell you, yes there is! Many of us feel we are struggling with our weight at some point in our life, some more than others … but there […]

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Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

Power+ Vulnerability = EMPOWERMENT

Our inner seasons of spring and summer are a period of ‘healthy egoic development’.    We are expanding, rooting ourselves out in the material world, stepping into our power and claiming our energetic space. The ‘positive’ aspects of our psyche shine, connecting to the outside world, sharing our gifts, being seen…here I am world, I am […]

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Helen Thatcher. More.  Body Love Retreats

Body Image ~ Body Love.

You may or may not totally agree, but I would argue that we live in a fast-paced, over-sexualised, youth centric, visually stimulated, technologically focused world. In general, this style of living is not good for our health and, in particular, it can impact negatively on our relationship with our bodies. We are constantly being subjected […]

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Body Devotion ~ I am more than enough ~ Helen Thatcher


Body Love Retreats defines Body Love as an unconditional relationship of devotion, that we have with our own bodies. For me the essence of that devotion is a feeling. A strong embodied sense that “I am MORE than good enough exactly as I am. For I am a pure expression of the divine in physical […]

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