A Quest For Realistic Glossy Magazines.

Today I have found myself flicking through a high street magazine, something I have not done for a long, long time.                    

I don’t mean to seem as if  I have been in a time warp but life became less drama and more peace without the world of gloss…  I honestly didn’t realize it had got so, well, drastically… what’s the word, yes “anal.”

It was jam packed with every other article on how to banish cellulite, punish our bodies with another diet promise  and rid ourselves of signs of ageing.  I did not spot one pair of legs owning cellulite, one model bigger than a size ten or one wrinkled face.  I did not read one word suggesting self acceptance or” loving what you got babe” …only rituals and potions of self improvement.

I wanted to yell “oh come on now, get real!”

There in my hands in smooth paper was proof as to why young girls and women struggle with what they have… punishing, rejecting, tucking, shaving, injecting and dieting to become what… more fake?

Almost 85% of women have cellulite and my son asked, as he peeped over my shoulder, “Where are that 15% then mum?”

Why don’t the magazines give us tips on how to accept cellulite as part of being a women? It seems pretty clear “it” wants to stay and is part of our make up. Creams, treatments and punishment galore and still the “cellulite curse” lingers for that 85% of women…

As for size and aging, is that not our nature and something to be honored? Surely not fought against.

Why not give us real images with depth to admire rather than airbrushing away things that are seen as undesirable but are in fact the nature of woman?

The media promotes fake… How about empowering women to be REAL

Letting us know from a young, impressionable age that we are ALL beautiful. ALL worthy of being adored and treasured. That the bodies we have are perfect, just as they are …big boobies, little boobies, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, all sizes, pubic hair and all.

How about showing men real photos with no airbrushing, no fake boobies, and no botox so that women don’t feel they have to look like Barbie to be sexy, successful, loved and accepted.

Yes, we want REAL men but I believe first women need REAL women.


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